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About Us

No matter what your needs are within IT management, Unixcentral are here to help.
From datacenter design, maintenance, Support, Asset Management, Data Erasure, Supplying parts & upgrades we cover them all.

Our History

Back in 2000, we saw a huge potential in buying and selling refurbished Unix servers.
At that time, Unix servers were pricey and the demand for refurbished products were growing greatly due to huge cost savings.

When Unix Servers where discontinued, our most important job was to keep helping customers running on their existing Unix Servers or to upgrade existing systems to other platforms in order to make them compatible with the modern development. Up until now we are still supplying and upgrading Unix systems to other more modern platforms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a strong and serious partner in any IT environment. We want to be around when upgrades are needed in order to keep businesses running. We build on exsisting systems or upgrade to other more compatible and modern platforms.


Danish Cancer Society

Unixcentral is pleased to be an official sponsor for the Danish Cancer Society. We have supported this cause for several years.